Golf Legends Share Their Top Tips for Playing Trevose

The arrival of warmer weather can only mean one thing: the highly anticipated Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship is right around the corner!

To get you excited for the spectacle that is to come, we spoke to golf legends including Ian Woosnam OBE and Ryder Cup 1993 player Peter Baker, gaining an insider insight into their top tips for playing the Championship course at Trevose.

Consisting of 18 holes against a stunning Cornish backdrop, the legends themselves reflect on the exciting challenges it creates for experts and amateurs alike in the below blog…


Ian Woosnam OBE shares his top tips

Ian Woosnam, Welsh professional golfer, winner of the 1991 Masters and Ryder Cup winning Captain in 2006, gave us the inside scoop on his advice for playing the course:

“I would say to any amateur or any pro that’s heading to Trevose, that you’ve got to have a couple of practice rounds in – the more you play the course, the better it is.”

Ian, who is an expert on the course and will be returning to host the European Legends Links Championship this year, had even more insights to offer, specifically about the equipment you need:

“Sometimes you just don’t need to use a driver all the time. The secret is, if the fairway is hard and dry, you just want to hit it with a long iron.”

Ian is no stranger to contending with the elements when he’s playing the Trevose Championship course, and reminded players to be sensible on windier days:

“In a way, it can really vary how you play on a golf course. When it is windy, you've got to be sensible. Try and get the ball into the right position if you possibly can and try and attack from there.”

Finally, Ian confirmed what we all know about golf – that patience is key:

“In my opinion, patience is one of the hardest things to master for this golf course, something I'm still mastering to this day!”


Paul Lawrie OBE reminds amateur players to just enjoy the experience

Paul Lawrie OBE, Scottish professional golfer and best known for winning the Open Championship in 1999, commented on the importance of enjoying the experience to make the most out of your day:

“It's important that, especially from the amateur side of things, that you relax and have a good time. The pros you’ll be playing with are slightly older, they’re very experienced.

Naturally, the pros will be competitive, they’re there to win, but the amateurs just need to remember to relax and enjoy it.”

We couldn’t agree more with this advice – Trevose boasts some of the most stunning views in the whole of Europe, so if you’re lucky enough to play the course, remember to enjoy the experience!


Peter Baker believes preparation is key

As a European Tour veteran and prior ELLC competitor, Peter Baker was able to offer some insightful advice on preparing for the course:

“Make sure to have a look at the course online – the difficult thing about a Links course is that it can change, so you always need to keep up to date with your research to know what you’re up against.”


Barry Lane comments on the need for focus

Barry Lane, a European Tour winner five times, with 20 professional wins throughout his career, reminds players to focus strategically as they play the course:

“You only need to focus on each shot at a time. Remember to talk to other players and enjoy yourself. It's incredibly hard to focus for five hours or more, so only focus when you’re taking those all-important shots.”


Jack Stein reminds players to keep their cool

In addition to the golfer’s advice, Jack Stein, middle son of Rick and Jill Stein and Chef Director of the Rick Stein Group, gave his twopence on the Trevose Championship course:

“Cornwall is extremely popular, especially this year, so make sure you get in early if you want to play the event. There’s a new hole on 11, which was moulded very cleverly during lockdown, so don’t be caught off guard by any changes! I think in total there’s three or four new holes.

“The course itself is tough when the wind blows, but it's beautiful, it goes down to the sea towards Constantine, which is one of the nicest beaches in the country for me”.


With all this insight from some of the most respected golfing-greats in the country, you should be well on your way to having an amazing experience playing the Trevose course!

If you’re interested in experiencing the course for yourself, register to play the Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship, which allows you to rub shoulders with golfing legends in the flesh.

keep your eyes peeled for any updates about the event through our website.